Childrens' Food Allergy Clinic

Due to popular demand we are opening a special Saturday morning Food Allergy Clinic for school-aged children.  

These new appointment times are intended for school-aged children 5 years-old and above.  Please note this clinic is not suitable for babies, toddlers or preschoolers.

We offer on-the-day skin testing to a wide range of food allergens, and can perform fresh-food skin prick testing of your own foods (see here for food allergy instructions).

As specialist allergists, we can prescribe PBS-subsidised EpiPens for patients when appropriate for the treatment of anaphylaxis; and issue comprehensive allergy/anaphylaxis management plans as required by the Department of Education and many childcare centres.

Dr Maia Brewerton and Dr Kymble Spriggs will both be consulting, and look forward to sharing their experience and assisting parents to provide safe strategies for management of their child's food allergies.