Book an appointment

Call (03) 8560 1924.

See your GP (or another specialist doctor) to get a referral to our clinic.  Your GP can answer initial questions you may have about your condition.


Before your appointment

Avoid all antihistamine/hayfever tablets for 5 days before your appointment - they may interfere with allergy testing.  

Do not stop other medications including asthma puffers & inhalers.

Take photos of your rashes or swellings.  These can help diagnose conditions that may not be present on the day.

If food allergy is suspected please follow these instructions.

Appointment day

What to bring: 

  • Referral letter
  • Medicare Card
  • Your medications - it is important to know strength and dosage.
  • Relevant specialist reports, scans, and results, can save time.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, EFTPOS and cash. 

First appointments generally last at least 45mins - and include careful clinical history and thorough physical examination. Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill-in a personal questionnaire.

At the appointment we can test for a range of food and environmental allergens.

All fees are payable on the appointment day.  For almost all patients a significant part of these will be reimbursed by Medicare.

If you see a doctor often or have tests often it is important to know about the Medicare Safety Net. Once you reach the Medicare Safety Net threshold you may be eligible to claim significantly more of your out-of-pocket expenses. Follow this link to read more about Medicare Safety Nets.

Where to find us

After the appointment

A comprehensive report will be sent to both you and your referring doctor as a record of your consultation and treatment plan.

Follow-up appointments may be needed for results, ongoing treatment, and if you have any further questions after your consultation.