Food Allergy Instructions

Find out the ingredients for any products you suspect you may be allergic to:

  • Bring the packaging
  • Contact the manufacturer
  • Ask the Chef.

Fresh Food Skin Testing

Sometimes in cases of suspected food allergy, skin testing with fresh foods is useful (e.g. fruit allergy).   

We have an extensive range of common commercial food allergen extracts available in our clinic. However some foods are not available in the commercial allergen extracts or they are not as reliable as fresh samples. For uncommon food allergies and fresh fruits a fresh sample may be useful (Please enquire with our reception staff when you book your appointment). We only need a very small amount of the fresh food to do the skin testing-less than 1 teaspoon of each food, (we don't need a kilo of prawn!) 

Instructions for Specific Foods

  • We have an extensive range of food allergens including nuts, egg, milk & wheat and we ask you do not bring these fresh foods to the clinic.
  • For fresh fruit and vegetables please bring a small sample that contains both the skin and flesh.
  • For seafood or meat bringing both cooked and uncooked small samples is ideal. Place a piece into the microwave to cook. Do not add any oils/fats or seasonings to the cooking process

Please ask someone who is not allergic to collect and prepare the samples or leave in the original supermarket package if it is sealed. Bring the food samples in individual zip lock/sandwich bags and place these sealed bags in a sealed small plastic container (e.g. tupperware). The individual foods should not be mixed together in the same bag or prepared by a patient who suspects they are allergic.

We don't always test with fresh food samples because it may be unsafe to do so, or there is some other clinical contraindication.  However, it is useful to have them available if needed.

It is extremely important you follow the packaging instructions above so you don't place yourself or others at risk in the waiting area. The samples should always remain sealed and unopened in the clinic waiting and reception areas.