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Referrals can be sent electronically via Argus, faxed, mailed or given directly to the patient.

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Who should be referred?

Allergies manifest in a diverse range of symptoms. Our doctors review adults and adolescents in whom an allergy or allergic symptoms are suspected: 

Peanut and food allergies should be accurately identified to minimise risk and prevent unnecessary food avoidance measures.

Angioedema and urticaria may be due to allergies, but are often seen in patients with other immune-mediated diseases.

Anaphylaxis requires a clear action plan and considered management strategy including an EpiPen if appropriate. 

Hayfever(seasonal & year-round) can be debilitating.  The majority of these patients see a significant benefit, and some may be cured with immunotherapy/desensitisation to airborne allergens such as grass or tree,  pollens, house dust mite, cat or dog dander.

Recurrent "colds", chronic sinusitis and allergic rhinitis can present with similar symptoms, yet have a wide range of aetiologies and differing management approaches.

Insect venom allergy may be life-threatening and venom desensitisation is an extremely important treatment for these patients and can prevent anaphylaxis.  

Drug allergy is commonly reported, and may unnecessarily limit treatment.   Clinical history and targeted testing is essential to identify safe therapeutic options for these individuals. 

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