Pre-Appointment Information

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment.  

Please read the following pre-appointment instructions:



- You must have a valid referral from a GP or other Specialist doctor in order to claim your medicare rebate.  Please check with our reception staff that this has been received, or bring it with you to the appointment.


Before appointment:

- Please avoid all antihistamines (e.g. hayfever tablets, Zyrtec, Claratyne, Telfast, Phenergan, Periactin etc.) for at least 5 days prior to your appointment, as they may interfere with allergy skin testing.

- Please continue all your other medications, including asthma medications, puffers, sprays & inhalers.

- Take photos of rashes or swellings, to aid diagnosis of conditions not present on the day.

- If food allergy is suspected - please follow these instructions.


What to bring on the day:

- Medicare Card

- Referral Letter (if not already sent)

- You medications (so we know strength and dosage)

- Relevant specialist letters, scans and reports which may save time.

- Payment is required in full on the day, and we accept EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard & Cash (please note, not Amex)


Initial appointments are normally 45 minutes.

Please arrive 10 minutes early to complete registration paperwork/questionnaire.

There are good public transport links, with trams to the door, and Parliament station is around the corner.

The limited on-street car-parking is not enough to cover a standard appointment time comfortably - however there are many commercial car-parks in the CBD.  Please allow extra time for parking, and arriving at your appointment.