New additional treatment for Chronic Hives

Vitamin D.png

Chronic Hives (or Urticaria to use it's medical name) can be a particularly troublesome condition for patients, sometimes requiring multiple medications for good control of the symptoms of itch and rash. 

A new study from the University of Nebraska suggests that high dose Vitamin D3 can help provide further relief for patients when used in addition to standard therapy.

38 patients with chronic urticaria were studied over 12 weeks.  Patients were divided into two groups - one taking low dose and one taking high dose Vitamin D3 daily.  Vitamin D3 was given in addition to their usual urticaria medication

Patients in the high-dose group were noted to have a 40% reduction in symptoms over the course of the study, as measured by symptom scoring.

This data suggests Vitamin D3 is a promising additional therapy for our patients to gain relief from these worrying symptoms.

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