+ How do I order immunotherapy?

We will discuss during your clinic appointment and help you choose if this is a suitable treatment option for you. If so we will discuss initial prescription and ordering practicalities.

+ How do I order ongoing immunotherapy?

Normally a plan for ongoing immunotherapy is arranged at time of initial order. This ongoing immunotherapy is usually sent directly to your GP for dosing. You must be seen at least once a year in the Avid Allergy clinic for this ongoing provision.

+ When will my immunotherapy arrive?

Immunotherapy takes on average 8-10 weeks to be delivered from date of payment.

+ Why does it take so long for immunotherapy to arrive?

Most injectable immunotherapy is produced for that specific person from their individual prescription. This prescription once transmitted to the Australian distributor, is then sent to the European manufacturer for production. After the immunotherapy is produced and approved by European quality control, it is shipped to Australia.
Once in Australia it is inspected by Australian Customs & Quarantine Services before release to the Australian distributor. The Australian distributor then couriers the product to our clinic, or your GP clinic (specified at time of order). Due to the many organisations involved, the timelines for arrival vary significantly at different times of year.

+ Why have I paid for a subsequent immunotherapy kit when I haven’t finished the last one yet?

Because of the 8-10 week lead-time from time of order, orders and payments usually recur after 5 months. This means you do not need to remember to re-order, and the following kit should be available in good time so there is no gap in therapy.

+ What if I need to stop my recurring immunotherapy order?

You can cancel the recurring order from the link in the order receipt emails.
If you cannot find this email, please email accounts@avidallergy.com and we can do this manually for you.

+ What if I need to restart the recurring immunotherapy order?

Depending on the situation, you may need a review appointment before new prescriptions can be issued. Please email us accounts@avidallergy.com and we will clarify for you.

+ What do I do if my immunotherapy has not arrived after 8-10 weeks after payment was made?

  • please email: accounts@avidallergy.com
  • we will chase-up with the distributor and try and get an estimate of delivery
  • if you let us know when your last dose occurred/will occur, we can check with Dr Spriggs to ensure this delivery timeline will work an any special instructions.
  • NB: please do not contact the clinic reception staff - although they can check if immunotherapy has arrived in our practice (for you to commence there) - they do not have access to ordering/delivery information.